Conflict can be emotionally exhausting. We aim to provide services that deliver constructive empathy in assisting our clients to remain focused on problem solving.

We are experienced, qualified and discrete professionals who appreciate that no two individuals or families are the same.

Our Services

Our clients are families, married, de facto, same sex couples, grand parents, care givers, neighbours, employees, managers and business partners… with conflict that they’d like resolved.

We utilise Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and Mediation in resolving a wide range of issues. We mediate Monday to Friday and weekends by arrangement in several locations from Sydney to Wollongong and further afield by arrangement. Services are delivered face to face and via video conferencing.

Where legally assisted mediation is required we work collaboratively with lawyers and clients. Should additional support be required we are able to put you in touch with professionals from our established referral network which includes lawyers, legal centres, child and family psychologists and community organisations.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your circumstances.

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Fees and Conditions

Fees are set at an hourly rate, shared equally by the parties and paid in advance. The cost of mediation is dependent upon the length of time, location and other factors.

The average cost of a Family Dispute Resolution mediation is approximately $800 per party and includes a 1 hour pre-mediation meeting, 3-4 hours of joint mediation, telephone consultations, processing of documents, emails, letters and Parenting Plans. Note that legally assisted mediations do not attract higher fees, in fact where lawyers provide the venue and draft documents the fees are reduced.

We don’t rush clients.  Where mediation runs overtime by 30 minutes or less you will not be billed.

Please contact us to receive further information.