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Co-parenting in the time of coronavirus: if you and your ex don’t agree, what are your rights?

By Donna Maree Cooper, Senior Lecturer QUT Law Faculty, Queensland University of Technology. Read more at The Conversation.

Whats in a name?

By Sherlene Heng, Senior Associate at Swaab Attorneys. "I don't believe a rose would be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage". Read more

School holiday time

By Sherlene Heng, Senior Associate at Swaab Attorneys. Why is it that time during the school holidays are treated differently from time during the school term? Read more

Its mine, I got it after we broke up.

By Linda McGirr, Senior Associate at Swaab Attorneys. In family law disputes it is a common misconception that an inheritance or other large sum received after separation will be excluded from the property pool to be divided between the parties. Read more

Relocating to another state with your child after divorce: steps you can take

By Ruth Whisker - Stacks Law Firm. So you’ve met the partner of your dreams and want to live happily ever after, but there’s one small problem – he or she lives interstate and you don’t know if you will be permitted to relocate your child to another state. Read more

Documenting agreements in family law – parenting plans, consent orders and binding financial agreements

By Viktorija Saric - Stacks Heard McEwan. Read more

Five good reasons to try to resolve your family law property and parenting disputes through private mediation

By Tim Couch – Stacks Law Firm. So you’ve separated from your husband, wife or partner. You don’t want to go to court if you can avoid it. You want to try to work things out amicably if at all possible. Have you considered a private mediation? Read more

Family lawyers urged to steer clients towards private mediation

By Tim Couch – Stacks Law Firm. In the years I have practised in family law I have become convinced of the many benefits of private mediation for resolving property and parenting disputes. Private mediation enables couples who have separated to come to a fair, balanced and timely agreement about their future arrangements. Read more  

How to have a good divorce

By John Collett – The Sydney Morning Herald, 20/11/2016 Getting divorced is rarely a happy occasion, but many couples at least manage a civilised one.  Read more […]

Separated parents and the family law system: what does the evidence say?

  Author: Rae Kaspiew Senior Research Fellow, Australian Institute of Family Studies Talk of reforming the Family Court and family law system is back in the headlines, but agitation about the family law system has a long history. Since the introduction of the Family Law Act and the establishment of the Family Court of Australia [...]